I’m directing animated series for television and also I’m a web designer, but not only that … I always approached my life by following this quote from George Bernard Shaw: « The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.« 


I did a web designer training at CIFAP. I aspire to have the diploma of Multimedia Project Manager Level II (Fr) 6 (Eu).


I make the editing and the conformation of my series. I have also edited animatics, bonus and trailers.

motion design

After Effect is my friend and I make some 3D animation : Cinema 4D, 3ds Max. I play too with special effects.


I like this role of bandmaster. It’s my core business. I have some series to my credit and do not intend to stop in this good way. This is my substantive marrow.


I have written several bibles of animated series and have written quite a few episodes. I also write for personal projects including feature films.


I play left-handed guitar with a humble grade. This is enough for me to accompany myself when I compose songs that I keep for me … in any case for now.

A little video to describe my path until now


There are grumbling zombies, suffering cuddlies, a crying baby, an alien who suffers from cataracts, blowing BN’s and, of course, the end of Bambi’s story.

Capital words

  • know my limitsthat’s why I go beyond them.

  • Don’t try to be originalJust try to be good.

    Paul Rand
  • Do your best and fuck the rest!

    Jennifer Doe

Rather than an endless bio, here are ten things that are not wrong about me.

1 – I’m a survivor.

(Rain forrest/genetic/gravity… nothing stop me!)

2 -I play cathartic music.

(« I lived a thousand lives. I have so many scars on my body. My tears became knives. I can’t bear what you call normality.»)

3 – I travel alone in the world.

(I don’t argue often against myself and have never been close to divorce.)

4 – I banned the « but » for the « on the other hand ».

(I work hard to get rid of the famous « awesome ».)

5 – I like to question the reality.

(Are we not the product of someone else’s dreams?)

6 – I have witch cat.

(It will be not a star of Instagram, but it will be MY star, my handsome.)

7 – I am a « contrarian » left-hander.

(After many tests, it turns out that I am a pure left-handed person. My right hemisphere is my temple. That’s why, logically, I’m writing with my right hand!)

8 -I remember all my dreams and I do several by night.

(I go from the epic cliff to the floating desk, passing by the backs of the pink philosophical dragons in conflict with Pig Butterfly. I wake up full of new ideas to thwart the reality…)

9 -I have an intimate passion for the Cacolac drink.

(It takes me by phase and it’s disconcerting.)

10 – I make creative cooking.

(I can’t follow a recipe, I invent, and it’s rather good a priori … Until proven otherwise, I have not killed anyone with my « Natapie » or my « Nodahl ».)

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